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Hawaii is the island state of the USA or the only state archipelago. This island paradise attracts most tourists throughout the year. The capital city Honolulu is the largest urban city in Hawaii. The subtropical climate of Hawaii makes it a preferred tourist spot for beach lovers. Hawaii has no specific tourist time although it welcomes international tourists the whole year. The best time to visit Hawaii is May to November which is the dry summer season after November frequent rain starts till April.

Best places to visit in Hawaii:-  

The Hawaiian Islands are full of tourists, especially during all the major holidays. Hawaii has some incredible white sand beaches and some active volcanoes too. Here are some best places to visit in Hawaii are:-  
1.    Top attractions of Maui Island: - Haleakala national park for sightseeing, waterfalls, and the best sunset and sunrise points. Kaanapali beach for enjoying water sports and has several resorts, spas, and hotels.
2.    Best places on Hawaii Island: - Hawaii volcanoes National park of Hawaiian Island has two most active volcanoes in the world and is most visited by international tourists.  
3.    Top attractions in Oahu: - It has the only Palace in the United States, the Iolani Palace in Honolulu Hawaii.  
4.    Must-Visit Places of Lanai: - The Rock garden or Gardens of the god are the untouched beauty of Nature in Lanai.

Top 5 things to do in Hawaii:-

As the archipelago state, Hawaii Island offers the best Water sports and nature adventure in the clean water of the Pacific Ocean. Here are the Top 5 Things to do in Hawaii:-
1.    Snorkeling on Maui Island.
2.    Wildlife tours on Big Island or Hawaiian Island.
3.    Whale Watching and swimming with Dolphins on Oahu and Maui Island.
4.    Hiking and exploring the Volcanoes of Big Island.
5.    Eco Tour or Zip line tours to explore the Jungle environment of Haiku.

How to reach Hawaii:-

Hawaii has 4 airports connected to Mainland USA with direct flights. You have to reach the USA to take a connected flight to Hawaiian Island.  Honolulu Airport at Oahu is the busiest airport in Hawaii that has connected flights with all the major cities of the USA.
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