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Southwest Airline or Southwest of the USA is the world’s largest low-cost Airline that operated its services since 1967. It currently sets off to 100 destinations in 42 states of America with around 735 aircraft fleets.

Southwest applies a different approach of rolling hub or point-to-point network that makes it unique from other low-cost airfare competitors.

 Southwest Airline Special allowances:-

As the regional interstate airline of the USA, Southwest Airlines offers only Economy cabins to its boarding passengers.

Special Allowance in Southwest Airlines flights listed below:-  

1.     Free- checked baggage up to 2 baggage units.

2.    Free flight changing permit before 10 min. of departure.

3.    Refund your Flight ticket amount in the form of travel credit in case of flight ticket cancelation.

4.    10 min. faster boarding by using the Grouping- passenger method.

5.    Free Wi-Fi, Live streaming TV shows complimentary snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Southwest Airline Flight Booking:-

Southwest Airlines flight ticket booking offer 24-hours advanced check-in to avoid delay in onboarding passengers through the Southwest Airline official website or application.

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